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New Feature  /  18 September, 2023

Book pages now include even more information!

Dev Update  /  11 January, 2023

Mechs, Kaiju, real life, set in Leeds! What's not to like in the North-of-England set Kaiju-fighting comic from Jamie Me, Neri Rearte, and Archie Dait?

Comic Review  /  22 October, 2022

Being more transparent at Libreture is one thing. Listening to readers is something else. That's why you can now suggest new features, report bugs, and help inform the Libreture roadmap.

Dev Update  /  5 September, 2022

With the launch of The Rings of Power television series, here's Ed Grabianowski's ten things in The Silmarillion that will help you understand Middle Earth.

Further Reading  /  31 August, 2022

Not sure if it's you, your internet connection, or the site itself? Storing your ebooks is a big technical undertaking, and keeping you informed of any issues with that is essential.

Dev Update  /  5 August, 2022
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Store your DRM-free ebooks, track your reading, and find new favourites.

Readers are storing 15,351 DRM-free ebooks with Libreture.