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2017 - 2024, and still going. The story of Libreture so far, looking at changes to pricing and what I consider to be fair.

News  /  10 March, 2024

2017 - 2024, and still going. The story of Libreture so far, DRM-free bookshops, and a birthday present.

News  /  1 March, 2024

Updates to the DRM-free bookshop list make it easier than ever for readers to find ebooks, comics, magazines and RPGs, and to support ebook authors & publishers.

Dev Update  /  15 February, 2024

YOU get more ebook storage! YOU get more comic storage! YOU get more magazine storage!

News  /  20 December, 2023

Part 3 of Netflix's Lupin series is out now! Read the original Arsène Lupin books by Maurice Leblanc. All available DRM-free and free of charge!

Further Reading  /  16 October, 2023

The annual digital comics fair from ShortBox is open now and runs through all of October!

Featured Bookshop  /  3 October, 2023
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