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  • FREE 500MB library
    Tonnes of room for your DRM-free ebooks, digital comics & magazine collections using UK-based cloud storage. Need more space? Upgrade your library!
  • Mega easy book management
    No more manually inputting book titles and authors. Libreture does it all for you and the book files do the work. So much easier!
  • Tracking tools
    Use the activity stream to track your reading, and useful tools to organise your books, create favourites and wishlists, and make recommendations.
  • Easy access to your books
    Download your books to any device whenever you want. E-readers, computers, tablets, phones… on the train, in a cafe, at home. Or use any OPDS-compatible app.
  • Private by default
    Your books are your business. Show off individual books to the world, and keep your secrets to yourself. Private by default, public by choice.
  • Safety and security
    Your ebooks are always safe. Making your library public only displays information about your books, never the files themselves.
  • Safe data practices
    Your ebooks are kept in the UK, and all your personal details and all data about your books are stored in the EU. Payment card details are kept by the payment provider, not on Libreture.
  • Get all the new features that we introduce
    You'll always get any and all new features with your free account at no additional cost. You only pay to upgrade your library capacity. Fair's fair.
  • Friendly support
    I'm ready to help over at the Support site. Ask me anything!