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Fermi's Progress 4: The Phone Job



The Fermi is the Earth's first and last faster-than-light spaceship. The last, because it turns out its engine vaporises entire star systems in its wake. And nobody knows how to turn it off.

The Greater Galactic Commercial Network spans the cosmos, using an advanced, time-warping communication system to contact other worlds and cultures, trading technology and knowledge for mineral and biological resources, all run from a single call centre at the top of a space elevator.

It’s the first sign of trans-stellar civilisation the Fermi has encountered.

It offers them hope.

It might even offer them the chance to save a world.

Just not this world.

kevin recommends
Fermi's Progress 4: The Phone Job
by Chris Farnell

The Phone Job continues the journey we're all on together, and concludes it in the most space opera way possible. Not only with a bang, but with hope.

Fermi's Progress is a collection of novellas that read like Red Dwarf meets DS9, crashes into Blake's Seven, by way of every single Gerry Anderson series, and a whole lot of Space 1999.

This is great science fiction you'll love.

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  • Published: 14 Sep 2021
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