Comic Review: B-Mecha 2 Ishaani by Jamie Me, Neri Rearte, Archie Dait

Jamie Me, Neri Rearte, and Archie Dait return with Mechs, Kaiju, real life, this time in Bradford! Suit up for the latest North-of-England set Kaiju-fighting comic.

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If you’ve read the fantastic B-Mecha 1 comic, you’ll likely have backed the B-Mecha 2: Ishaani Kickstarter when the opportunity arose.

And if you’re read B-Mecha: Ishaani, you’re probably aware of the B-Mecha 3 Kickstarter running right now!

The comic-creating team of Jamie Me, Archie Dait, and Neri Rearte have put together another campaign that funded in days and is currently at 485% of it’s £2,000 goal.

The increased support for each subsequent campaign signals the confidence and love of their growing fanbase.

The team, now called ThrillTrigger, display a level of fun professionalism that I’ve come to expect from contemporary comic creators working today. Each campaign incorporates what worked best from the previous ones, and iterates on the elements that fans absolutely respond to.

The B-Mecha story

I reviewed the first B-Mecha comic in 2022.

It’s taken me this long to review B-Mecha 2: Ishaani because I wanted to link the reviw to an opportunity for readers to actually buy the comic, and support ThrillTrigger.

With the B-Mecha: Bad Behaviour Kickstarter campaign now live until the 24th of July, it’s a great time to highlight the series.

B-Mecha 1 was set in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and for the sequel, we move to Bradford. We meet Ishaani, the pilot of the B-Mecha called GG. But we don’t see her fighting Kaiju. Things are rough for Ishaani.

B-Mecha 2: Ishaani cover

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Falling into sex and drink to quell her demons, Ishaani misses the opportunity to suit up and fight the latest Kaiju to appear in her city.

A Kaiju has been spotted on the M62 motorway after the Chain Bar Roundabout. Please remain calm and head to your nearest safety shelter.

The youngest ever B-Mecha pilot, she has history with the mech-piloting world. Her father was a pilot, and Ishaani has to contend with his memory every day. (I’ve only just noticed the inverted black background that surrounds the flashback scene. Stunning work!)

We first meet Ishaani six years previous to the comic’s present day while she’s in Huddersfield to see Michael Kaye, the pilot of the B-Mecha called Prizefighter, and the main character of B-Mecha issue 1. Ishaani is shamed by other older attendees, but Michael’s attitude sets her straight.

Clipping from B-Mecha 2: Ishaani, showing a young Ishaani getting Michael Kaye's autograph at an event.

In the present day, we see that Ishaani, like Michael, has her own personal problems to overcome.

Clipping from B-Mecha 2: Ishaani, showing Ishaani and a male and female friend in the B-Mecha's cockpit, getting drunk and shagging.

As I said about B-Mecha 1:

“This isn't your propaganda-and-trope filled flag-waver. B-Mecha is fully aware of its place in Mech vs. Kaiju lore, and up-ends it in glorious West Yorkshire fashion.”

This sequel is another blinder! There’s a ‘conspiracy-like story’ going on behind the drama, there’s the media-management, and the social media posts overlaid over the action, and it climaxes by introducing us to yet another B-Mecha pilot, who you’ll see more of in B-Mecha 3 – if you back the campaign!

Get your DRM-free comics!

As well as pledging to receive the single B-Mecha 3 comic, you can also get the entire B-Mecha series of three main comics and an additional six B-Mecha related titles and behind-the-scenes books.

But instead of just those, don’t miss the rare opportunity to buy the entire ThrillTrigger digital comic collection! The Digital Library reward tier gives you twenty (20!) comics and related titles, adding up to over 1,000 pages of stunning art and story.

That’s not to be missed!

Cover of B-Mecha 2: Ishaani

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