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Michael Kaye is pissed off...

He's a B-Mecha pilot who spends every hour of the day on standby ready to suit up if a Kaiju attacks. The problem is that he's underfunded, over-publicized and feels the constant pressure to meet unrealistic targets with an ever dwindling budget.

To make matters worse there is a relentless attack on his character in the media and on social media. They portray him as a liability, post cruel memes about him and his wife, and a vocal minority are actively campaigning for him to be removed from his position.

To the morally corrupt "journalists", influencers, and all the anonymous social media users trying to destroy his life he has a simple message:

Go fuck yourself!

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by Jamie Me, Neri Rearte, Archie Dait

This isn't your propaganda-and-trope filled flag-waver. B-Mecha is fully aware of its place in Mech vs. Kaiju lore, and up-ends it in glorious West Yorkshire fashion.

We're given a concise yet comprehensive view of the lay-of-the-land, and the personal toll when Michael receives very little thanks for the dangerous work he does.

Love it!

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