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You can store hundreds of e-books with Libreture absolutely free, and you can buy extra storage to add many, many more e-books, digital comics & magazines.

Libreture doesn't offer a discounted annual rate that only saves money for those who can afford to pay up front. The monthly fee is set for each storage capacity and covers the cost of development, infrastructure, storage for your books, as well as a profit margin. I believe each storage tier is as reasonable as possible while keeping Libreture sustainable and independent.

Free and paid storage ensures that costs are covered as soon as they happen, such as when you upload large book collections. It also gives you the flexibility to switch extra storage to whatever suits you, or cancel whenever you want and only pay for the remainder of the month.

The paid extra storage also exists to ensure that you, the reader, are always the most important part of Libreture. No advertising, no selling data, and no selling out. It's just you, Libreture, and loads and loads of great books.

Fair Tax Pledge

I believe that tax is the price we pay for a civilised society.

Since I am a sole-trader and Libreture is not a limited company, I cannot become Fair Tax Mark accredited. But I have pledged to follow the guidelines laid down in the Fair Tax Pledge. While not legally binding, I think it's a good indicator of a sole traders's commitment to comply with the spirit as well as the letter of the law when it comes to taxes.

Fair Tax Pledge logo.

More information about the Fair Tax Pledge:

Its aim is to help those people who believe in a fair society and playing by the rules to say so publicly; and in the process, to send a powerful message to those who cheat the system.

It is designed for use by individual citizens and sole traders and produced by the Fair Tax Mark, the organisation behind the label for good taxpaying companies, but is an entirely distinct and separate project.


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