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The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, July/August 2022



Dornemann / Starblind, Booklost, and Hearing the Songs of True Birds; Trent / The Song of Lost Voices; Hughes / The Collection; DiChario / Ciccio and the Wood Sprite; Goder / Mycelium; Wolven / The Garbage Girls; Prasad / The Wild Son; Sutter / The Dark at the Edge of the Stage; Tobin / The Monster I Found in Third Grade; Levy / Ceremonials; Munck / We Are Flying; Hoffman / Trapping Fairies; Bray / The Things We Know; Cato / When, As an Adult, You Choose to Again Believe in Magic; Thomas / Editorial; de Lint / Books to Look For; West / Musings on Books; Jennings / Chapter and Verse; Sorg / By the Numbers 5; Oltion / Science; Horton / Curiosities

sohkamyung recommends
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, July/August 2022
by The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

A better than average issue with some interesting stories, and some chilling horror stories. I enjoyed those stories by Rudi Dornemann, Brian Trent, Charlie Hughes, Nick Wolven, Rajeev Prasad, Paul Tobin and Nick DiChario.

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