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The September-October 2019 issue contains new cutting edge science fiction and fantasy by John Kessel, Robert Minto, Lucy Harlow, Fiona Moore, David Cleden, and James White Award winner Dustin Blair Steinacker. The 2019 cover artist is Richard Wagner, and interior colour illustrations are by Richard Wagner, Martin Hanford and others. Features: Ansible Link by David Langford (news and obits); Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe (film reviews); Book Zone (book reviews); Andy Hedgecock's Future Interrupted (comment); Aliya Whiteley's Climbing Stories (comment); guest editorial by John Kessel.

sohkamyung recommends
by Andy Cox

A better than average issue, with interesting stories by Fiona Moore, David Cleden and Dustin Blair Steinacker.

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  • Publisher: TTA Press
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