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Werewolves Versus - Issue 8: Nature

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When the full moon escapes the mountainous horizon and floods the wilderness below, what will it illuminate with its bone-pale light? A car trapped in the mud as a lonely predator approaches. A painter struggling to complete his masterpiece before rougher hands take over. A group of friends in blood-soaked communion. Some campfire dipshits with spraypaint cans and death wishes.

Monsters newly-made and ancient prowl the pages of our latest issue, featuring work by:

- C. Schalk
- Chris Maiurro and Cam Kerkau
- Daniel Sokołowski
- Daze
- H. K. Luterman
- JB Caine
- JD Laclede
- Kinseviing
- L. F. Gardner
- Papermelon
- Parker Goodreau
- Quebecoiswolf
- Stephanie Gallon
- V.T. Royal
- Viergacht

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