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Origin Complex

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Crash is an analyst, an operative of the Sigurd-Lem Corporation trained to prise the secrets from the ancient, alien ruins scattered across frontier space.

Crash's job has never been easy. The species that built these hollow cities, these eerie facilities, was annihilated in some great catastrophe, millennia ago.

Swallowed by something that still haunts these empty places.

One day, Crash receives a message. A signal that should have come another way, that should have said something different. The dreadnought Demiurge is calling home. The great vessel was sent into the deepest reaches of space—a sea of storms and chaos that many call 'the Eye'. There, battling between shrieking storms and corporate shells, it has found something that should better have stayed buried.

Crash sets off in pursuit, retracing the vessel's path, desperate to keep humanity from repeating a terrible mistake.

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Origin Complex
by Andrew Skinner


"...the apocalyptic adventures of a space archaeologist and her robot mirror, piecing together the shattered clues of an undead civilisation to try and prevent an invasion of maddened machine ghosts."

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  • Published: 5 Oct 2022
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