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A cursed plain between two rivers plays host to a Goddess' dismay, a young man's arrogance and doom heralded by crows.

What may look like an appealing place to build a civilization is home to much suffering: most caused by the folly of men. Those who stray too far may turn to stone, or be attacked by their neighbours. Those who stay too close may be subsumed by violent cultures. And as many harvests come and go, so do the crows who look upon the people and call for retribution if they are found lacking.

Will the people of the plains change their ways before their villages are destroyed?

kevin recommends
by Kiko Enjani

A fantastic and fantastical short tale that provides a much-needed respite from medieval-styled Western fantasy.

Written in a mythological format, Jiwe gives us a world of magic, gods, and the usual evils of man. Curses intended to redress balance and strong women working to save broken lives.

Kiko Enjani's work is sublime, and I can't wait to read her longer stories.

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  • EPUB format
  • Publisher: Kiko Enjani
  • Published: 7 Oct 2018
  • File Size 437.2┬áKB


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