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A Castle Sealed: Castle in the Wilde — Prequel Novella

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Mysterious tales surround an abandoned castle. Are they summoning Tristan to adventure, or warning him of death?

Lord Tristan is a hero. Driving invaders from his kingdom has earned him undying gratitude…but no estate in his own homeland. Nor has his boundless energy found purpose through his travels abroad. Until he hears of a hidden castle, filled with untold riches. Free for the taking. Why has no one claimed this prize? The townsfolk warn of ferocious beasts. Especially the night-prowling vixicats, so vicious that no one lives to tell what they really are. Who started these absurd tales? What are they trying to hide? And what of that isolationist kingdom beyond the castle?

Beth knows her duty…knows all the constraints imposed on a proper lady. They have trammeled her childhood and will now stifle the rest of her life. True, a marriage must maintain the strength and purity of the noble families. Yet she loathes the man she is destined to wed, and wonders at the dirty secrets that haunt his clan. At least her own family’s honor is intact. Or is it? Why are the northern lands of the kingdom forbidden?

A Castle Sealed is the prequel novella to the Castle in the Wilde series. If you like fantasy with mystery, intrigue, and romance, come and explore this secondary world with medieval undertones and the turmoil of changing cultures.

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  • EPUB format
  • Publisher: Eternarose Publishing
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  • Added 3 Jun 2021

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