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10 Ways Reading The Silmarillion Makes The Lord of the Rings Better



I am a huge Tolkien fan. I read The Lord of the Rings every other year or so. I love the books and enjoy the movies. But in all these years I’d never read The Silmarillion.

I was about to embark on another LotR reread when I thought, maybe I should finally get through The Silmarillion first, and see how it changes my experience when I finally get to my next LotR reread (note: since I wrote this article, I have begun said reread, and it is indeed very cool to do so having read The Silmarillion. Hypothesis confirmed!). It turns out I really enjoyed The Silmarillion! I decided to write this article to either convince you that you should also read it, or give you a shorthand version of the important stuff that relates to the primary trilogy (whether you’re a fan of the books or the movies).

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