Send to Device / Send to Kindle

Send your Libreture ebooks direct to your device (through services like Send-to-Kindle) using Libreture's new Send to Device feature!

Blog Changelog

See that new little paper plane icon in each book's status bar? That's new!

It will remain faint until you add a Send to Device email to your Account settings.

Once you add a delivery address, such as your Send-to-Kindle email, the icon will enable, and clicking it will ping your ebooks to your device for immediate reading.

If your delivery service requires a verified sending address (as Send to Kindle does), please use:

For Kindle users, see Amazon's Send to Kindle page for more details.

Give it a try, let me know if you hit any problems, and especially let me know if you like it!

Find more information on this New Feature: Send to Device

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