New Feature: Send to Device

Send your Libreture ebooks direct to your device (through services like Send-to-Kindle) using Libreture's new Send to Device feature!

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If you own a Kindle, Kobo or B&N ereader, and you buy ebooks direct from the bookshops of those companies, you don't usually have to worry about getting ebooks on to your device. The books just instantly appear on your device or app when you buy them. But what if you buy ebooks from a range of DRM-free ebookshops? How do you get them on to your ereader?

This question has stumped humanity for millenia... or at least, me for a few years.

A core part of my mission with Libreture is opening up the infrastructure that ebookshops, authors, publishers, and readers depend on to manage their collections and read their ebooks.

Libreture already supports OPDS for compatible devices and apps. And now, the new Send to Device tool becomes a major part of our mission, and directly supports Kindle owners who want to buy DRM-free ebooks from indie ebookshops.

How does Send to Device work?

Libreture's Send to Device tool emails your books to a specific address as an attachment. The address will usually be that of a service like Amazon's Send-to-Kindle, that accepts ebooks and makes them available on your Kindle ereader or apps.

Bookshops like Weightless and Smashwords use the same mechanism to send ebooks you've bought to your device.

Email is a reliable and ubiquitous tool. With Send to Device, we use that versatility to make sure you can read your ebooks as easily as possible, even on devices that are sometimes difficult to integrate with more directly with OPDS.

Getting started

Send to Device is easy to set up and use.

See that new little paper plane icon in each book's status bar? That's new!

It will remain disabled until you add a Send to Device email to your Account settings.

Once you add a delivery address, such as your Send-to-Kindle email, the icon will enable, and clicking it will ping your ebook to your device for immediate reading.

If your delivery service requires a verified sending address (as Send to Kindle does), please use:

For Kindle users, see Amazon's Send to Kindle page for more details.

Give it a try, let me know if you hit any problems, and especially let me know if you like it!

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