Keep up-to-date at Libreture's new status page

Not sure if it's you, your internet connection, or the site itself? Storing your ebooks is a big technical undertaking, and keeping you informed of any issues with that is essential.

Blog Dev Update

Storing your ebooks, digital comics and magazines means that Libreture has a lot of moving parts. Which means a lot of things can break or go a bit squiffy from time to time.

I recently posted about keeping you more informed on what I was up to, and how Libreture was doing. A big part of that is being open and transparent about any outages or bugs. After moving Libreture to a new server, and updating almost all the software, a lot of underlying issues are now fixed. But as new features launch, I want to be sure you're aware of anything that could impact on your ebook reading - you know, that most important thing ever!

Say hello to the new Status Page!

Status Page

The new status page is the place to see if Libreture is running properly, and learn about any planned maintenance or issues that may be affect your enjoyment of the site.

The status page is connected to two new social accounts:

You'll also find a Get in Touch button, which links to Libreture's Support page.

Keep the status page bookmarked, or follow the social accounts for easy updates. If you ever have a problem with accessing Libreture, or with a particular feature that isn't behaving as it should, check the page first!

Handy links will apear across the site soon.

More to come

I'll soon be introducing ways for you to get involved with how Libreture works, and suggesting new features. So keep an eye out!

Coming soon:


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