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Dead Lez Walking



A new flu has been announced, and all Taren can do is groan. Being a nurse in Accident and Emergency has its downsides, and dealing with the flood of people freaking out over symptoms they don’t really have is definitely one of them.
Joy, an exhausted surgeon, is just trying to find somewhere to sleep after a horrendous night on call—and somewhere she can avoid Taren, since they had an incredible date weeks ago and then Joy blew her off. But then she wakes up after an accidental nap, her pager has gone dead, and the doors outside are barricaded. Could this be about that flu?
It certainly becomes clear it is about the flu. But this is no mere flu. The dead are rising, and they are hungry. Joy and Taren are trapped with a group of others as they try to fight for their lives and get out. The rest of the group think it would be great if Joy and Taren would stop making moon eyes at each other when they are oh, you know, just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.

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  • Published: 1 Jan 101
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