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A new world of wonders and adventures await you in this highly original anthology of bold tales inspired by Dedren Snead’s remarkable Sorghum & Spear. Here, celebrated and emerging writers take you on a journey of the imagination, one filled with imperfect heroines reaching for new horizons, dark, distant forces breaking through the veil of time, and those seeking love, sisterhood, and community.
From sunlit savannahs to the rolling fields of bright-stemmed sorghum, to sharp-edged cliffs and lush, green mountaintops, The Eternal Realm unfolds, a mysterious map of memory and legends. But don’t worry if the ground shifts beneath your feet, for some people were born to fly!
Acclaimed poet Linda D. Addison begins with a stirring testimony from “The Messenger.” Eugen Bacon’s beautiful prose unveils a hidden world and forbidden love, bringing the outsider in with “Nyamizi, the Skinless One.” Colleen Anderson’s “Cane and Sword” explores the tumultuous path of Mi-Jung, an arrogant student who learns an invaluable lesson. In Teresa Schile’s “Fir’yali,” a shapeshifter finds courage in dual forms, as she attempts to rescue loved ones from an unspeakable fate at the hands of demons. The masterful Valjeanne Jeffers evokes the shimmering waters of Oshun, in “Pray for Peace, Prepare for War.” Nicole Givens Kurtz stuns and surprises with “Themba’s Test,” depicting the often-ignored strengths of those among us. Two sisters answer the Call of magic in the face of Chaos in J.S. Emuakpor’s “Sister’s Keeper.” Hard-worn victories, ancient rituals, and rites of passage test ambitions and boundaries in the riveting stories of Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki, Alicia McCalla, Sarah A. Macklin, G Dean Manuel, Violette L. Meier, Zelda Knight, and Dedren Snead, as Kenesha Williams skillfully carries you off on “The Rhythm of War.” An exciting collection in a world we hope you return to again and again!

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  • EPUB format
  • ISBN 9798986833941
  • Publisher: Outland Entertainment
  • Published: 23 Jul 2022
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