The Princess, Her Dragon, and Their Prince cover image.

The Princess, Her Dragon, and Their Prince



After Mereni is conquered by a vicious dragon, Mereni's king-in-exile is willing to do anything to save his kingdom. Including promising half of it, as well as the hand of his daughter, Princess Cherish, to whomsoever stops the cruel beast. With luck, he reasons, one or more of the neighboring kingdoms will come to their aid, and some eligible prince will claim his daughter's hand. Perhaps even some palatable individual, like the handsome Prince Eclipse, who is already on friendly terms with Cherish. It does not occur to Cherish's father that she might have her own ideas about whom she should marry -- -- Or that the best individual to stop a dragon is, of course, another dragon.---------
1rst book in the universe of the Fey-Touched

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  • EPUB format
  • Publisher: Delight in Books
  • Published: 18 Apr 2019
  • File Size 919.6 KB


  • Added 1 Dec 2022

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