Uploads are now easier

Improvements to the upload page to make it easier to add the right books.

Blog Changelog

Ashley has updated the upload page and related code to help readers add only the ebook and comic formats we currently support.

It's sometimes tough to spot the right formats from ePub, Mobi, PRC, PDF, CBR, and CBZ files. And let's not start on uploading Zip files containing any and all of those supported formats. Well here's a little help.

Uploading just got easier

The Upload page now gently informs your device of what formats you can upload when you browse for them - only showing you compatible files...

It also double-checks the format before adding it to your library, reducing errors that get in the way of tracking your reading. You'll see a message letting you know of any problems before you try adding new books to your library.

This keeps your libraries neater, reduces upload errors for unsupported files, and just makes storing your ebooks, digital comics, magazines, and RPGs in Libreture much easier.

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