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Today, we're really excited to launch Libreture's latest feature: support for graphics-rich titles and comics in PDF, CBZ and CBR formats.

These changes mean you can store all your digital titles in one place and record activity for books, comics, magazines and any other reading material. While re-flowable formats like ePub and Mobi are excellent for novels and prose, they just aren't designed for graphics-rich titles, such as reference books or graphic novels.

PDF is a fixed-layout format, meaning it's almost like a photograph of the physical book - which is a great way of ensuring that the layout and graphics are displayed exactly how the creator intended them to appear. CBZ and CBR are most commonly used for digital comics, and are compressed Zip or Rar files (hence the Z and R) containing a sequence of image files - making up a whole book.

Together, these three formats cover a host of digital publications that you can now store alongside other books in your Libreture library.

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Where to find them

You'll see more DRM-free bookshops appear in the Bookshop list soon, covering retailers who predominantly sell PDFs.

As well as digital comic shops, many e-bookshops cater to RPG enthusiasts, with PDF versions of rulebooks, scenario guides and games master manuals. Others sell reference titles containing fantastically rich graphics that wouldn't be suitable in anything other than full-colour, high-quality PDF.

These files take up much more file space than the average digital novel, which means you may need some additional storage.

Making room

Your FREE Libreture account provides 500MB of storage, but if you think you'll need a bit more room, upgrade to a paid plan whenever you like.

There are plenty of plans to choose from, with just the right storage for your burgeoning comic collection. Upgrade and downgrade to suit your needs.


PDF and CBZ/R files don't include the metadata that Libeture normally uses to label your titles, but new features help keep your comics organised.

To help you save time renaming your files, Libreture automatically converts the filename to the book's title. The file judge_dredd_1.pdf will be listed as Judge Dredd 1. Underscores are replaced by spaces and first letters are capitalised.

Custom Lists is a feature that's coming soon. You will be able to create your own categories to sort your collection, ensuring you'll never lose track of each edition or format. Keep your high-quality PDFs alongside your ePub and CBZ titles, sorted by publisher or series - or however you like to sort your books.

Safe keeping

The recent news about Image Comics ceasing to sell DRM-free comics directly means you need to download them while you can.

Keep an eye on our handy Image Comics Countdown page to remind you how long you have to download your purchases. They'll disappear on the 3rd of February 2019, so grab them soon!

Each of their formats is supported by Libreture, so there's no reason to leave any file behind.


Upload your comics to Libreture and let me know what you think.


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