Read an E-Book Week Sale

It's time to save on all those e-books you have in your Smashwords wishlist. Discover over 45,000 discounted e-books from thousands of authors and publishers before these incredible deals disappear.

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Read an Ebook Week is an international celebration of ebooks, and it's the longest running annual sale at Smashwords, the online e-book distributor and bookshop.

Until March the 7th, you can save from at least 25% up to 75% on thousands of titles, and even find books that are absolutely FREE! And the great thing is, all Smashwords e-books are DRM-free and come in multiple formats, so they're great for adding to all your favourite reading devices. No need to miss out on that chance to catch up on your new favourite book if you don't have your usual e-reader with you.

The Read an E-Book Week sale is a great opportunity to discover new authors and book series'. With thousands of authors and publishers taking part, you can't help but find a wonderful new writer whose work you love.

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Read an E-Book Week Sale

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