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Get 50% off all new paid plans for 6 months by joining Libreture during Read an E-Book Week.

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It's Read an E-Book Week from the 3rd to the 9th of March! That means discounted and free e-books aplenty from Smashwords and other retailers, publishers and authors.

All those wonderful new e-books you've bought and downloaded deserve a cosy home, so to support Read an E-Book Week, Libreture is offering 50% Off all new paid plans for 6 months, if you subscribe to one this week!

It doesn't matter if you already have a Free account or join Libreture for the first time this week, your discount will automatically apply when you start any of our paid plans.

There's a range of plans to choose from, starting at £2.99 a month for a whole Gigabyte of digital book storage. To subscribe to a paid plan, simply create your FREE Libreture account and then visit your Account page to upgrade.

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