New tools to find, filter and sort DRM-free Bookshops

Updates to the DRM-free bookshop list make it easier than ever for readers to find ebooks, comics, magazines and RPGs, and to support ebook authors & publishers.

Blog Dev Update

I launched Libreture in 2017 to support indie & DRM-free ebookshops by providing readers with a place to store and track their digital reading. By using Libreture, readers help others discover where to buy DRM-free titles and support the shops and authors that sell them. A big part of that is the growing list of DRM-free bookshops that powers much of Libreture's book discovery.

Today, we launch the new and updated list of DRM-free bookshops, with tools to help readers filter by type of shop (ebook, comic, magazine, RPG), by book format (EPUB, MOBI, PDF, CBZ, CBR), by the date shops were added, and even search by shop name!

It's a big update, and there's still some work to do on formatting the existing entries. But readers searching for shops that sell DRM-free titles now have a much better way of finding books, comics, magazines, and RPGs they can buy and actually own - reducing piracy, and supporting authors, publishers, and the bookshops themselves.

Take it for a spin:


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