Libreture is open for business

The new personal e-book library for hardcore readers is open for business.

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Launched in March, 2017, Libreture provides a personal e-book library for hardcore readers. For a monthly subscription fee, you receive unlimited storage and management for all your DRM-free e-books.

After uploading your DRM-free book collection, Libreture scans each e-book, records the title, author and other information and presents you with your library.

To help manage the usual mess of downloads from the huge number of e-bookshops, Libreture helps you sort titles into reading lists, including: Read, Currently Reading, To Read and Given Up.

Your library is private by default, but if you make it public, you can share information about your collection with others. Your books are safe, only you can download them. But you can let everyone know where they can buy them too.

While logged-in, you have a few more options on each book page. You can lock individual books in your library, so they will never appear to others, regardless of your Library privacy setting.

You can also download the book directly to any device, including e-ink readers through their built-in browsers.

Supporting DRM-free bookshops

A big part of my mission with Libreture is to support bookshops that sell DRM-free e-books.

DRM-free LogoI already do this to some degree through my DRM-free Bookshops list, but there's more to do and in many different ways. One of those ways is through improving discoverability.

How easy it is for potential customers to find new titles is a major issue for many independent e-bookshops. Their discovery processes may occur outside of their own websites, as opposed to someone like Amazon, who's discovery usually takes place within their site. Think of 'People who bough this also bought...'.

Smaller e-bookshops depend more on word-of-mouth (including web and social media) and their own external marketing practices to help potential customers discover if their books may be of interest.

Libreture addresses this by allowing users:

  • to make their libraries public and
  • to record where they bought a particular book.

Each book then becomes a marketing tool, providing a link back to the shop it was bought from. Libreture can become a discovery hub for every DRM-free bookshop and author-run shop out there.

Current Features

Here's a list of what Libreture currently provides, but there's lots more coming soon.

  • Unlimited e-book storage for a monthly fee.
  • Upload your entire ePub and Mobi library.
  • Download from anywhere.
  • Record where you bought your e-books.
  • Organise your reading lists.
  • Plan your reading activity with your actual e-book files.
  • Make your reading lists public and share with everyone.
  • Help promote DRM-free bookshops and your favourite authors.
  • Download your next To-Be-Read book straight to your reading device.


A Libreture subscription costs £2.99 a month and includes all current and any new features.

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