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A new design approach for Libreture helps streamline some common processes.

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Over the last few weeks you may have noticed some changes taking place on the Libreture website.

I've overhauled the general style of Libreture, creating a common theme that applies to menus, forms and links. The design principle behind the site was always to stay unobtrusive, and allow the books and their covers to stand out. I believe it still does that, while being a bit easier to use.

Changes to Libraries

The Library menu has been re-organised to improve legibility.

The most important part of LIbreture is each reader's own Library. It's where most of the important information sits, and where the majority of activity takes place. Making sure it's clear and useful is extremely important.

Screenshot of the Library menu, with links to book lists and tools.

I've separated the book list menu items from the library tool items. So links to the content of your library are separated and work differently from the tools that apply changes to your entire library.

The Upload a book and Make my library private actions are now more prominent and are at a higher level than the book status lists.

Changes to Book Pages

Amending the details of a particular book used to involve changing settings in a form and clicking the Update button. This process has now been improved.

Screenshot of the icon toolber, showing book-related links.

The most common information and links are nearer the top of the book page, and are simple links, rather than buttons. For example, the Add to Favourites, Lock/Unlock and Download buttons are now simple links, and appear just beneath the book title & author information.

More updates to this menu will follow, but it hopefully means less confusion about what is affected by saving the form and what is more of a 'toggle switch'.

The Bookshop link is also now more prominent on each book page, sitting just beneath the book's description, if it has one. If your library is public, this information is now more useful to potential visitors looking for a place to buy the book in a DRM-free format.


Some other minor changes have been applied across the site, but these are the most important. Hopefully, they work for you and help you make the most of Libreture. As usual, let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.


Happy Reading,


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