Huge cloud library capacity increase!

YOU get more ebook storage! YOU get more comic storage! YOU get more magazine storage!

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As promised, I've increased the capacity on all paid plans... except Unlimited, of course.

It's a tough time for everyone. Ashley and I work hard on Libreture, and it costs money to run. But I also appreciate that it's difficult for you to justify spending more money to safely store and organise all the ebooks, digital comics, magazines and RPGs you've spent your own money on over the years. And there will only be more after you redeem ebook vouchers over the holidays, or spend some gift money on that huge digital comic series you've had your eye on. So here's a present from me to you.

New library capacities

You'll find more details on the Pricing page, but here's the rundown.

Note: Existing customers can log-in right now to see their expanded library capacities.

Original Capacity
New Capacity

Bit of a bump, right?

If you've been holding off adding new ebooks or comics to your Libreture library because you were close to your limit, well just have at it!

For even more discounts, there are some coupons flying around. Hint: Subscribe to The TOC newsletter, if you haven't already. Or give me a shout on social media.


Ashley has been redeveloping the Bookshop page to include filters and sorting tools, so you're definitely going to need that extra storage space.

And then, we'll be working on Collections!

In other news, Libreture is now on BlueSky. Come and chat with me over there.

But for now...


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