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Bundle of Holding presents bargain-priced, time-limited offers of tabletop roleplaying game rulebooks and RPG-related e-books to the discerning gamer.

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Since its launch in 2013 by longtime adventure gaming writer and game designer Allen Varney, Bundle of Holding has sold over a quarter-of-a-million bundles, from over 200 publishers, to 58,000 customers. Bundle of Holding also donate ten percent of their revenue from each bundle to charity, currently totalling over half-a-million dollars.

Roleplaying games are a huge industry, and gamers have welcomed digital books with open arms and open wallets. RPG titles can include a huge range of products, from the manuals that instruct gamers on the mechanics and rules of a game, to huge tomes dedicated to all the flora and fauna of the imaginary world of the game's setting. You've likely heard of Dungeons & Dragons, and maybe Pathfinder, and a few others, but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of smaller publishers producing high quality titles for avid fans.

The great thing about digital RPG books is that the smaller publishers can get a foothold in the market without the capital a publisher usually needs to produce print books. Crowdfunding has levelled the field even further by enabling small RPG presses to raise funds in advance, and support them in increasing production value.

Bundling digital titles also helps bring smaller publishers to a wider gaming audience - providing a top-notch introduction to a new system or setting can create a lifelong customer.

Bundle of Holding takes an interesting turn by exploring settings and RPG systems that were first published decades ago. Famous roleplaying games that last saw light-of-day in the 80's or 90's get a refresh and rebirth with a digital bundle that includes PDFs of everything a gamer needs to get started. And save a small fortune as well.

The flexibility of digital product pricing can be a welcome relief to gamers on a budget, or those who would like to get to know a new system without investing too much without knowing if it's really for them. Tiered products also mean that potential customers can decide how much they want to spend and buy just the right package for them.

You can find the latest bundles from Bundle of Holding along with other live ebook, digital comic, and RPG deals on Libreture's Bundles page.


Bundle of Holding presents regular releases of DRM-free PDF bundles, and an online library to keep them all safe. Everything a gamer needs from a digital RPG book bundle.


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