Day Against DRM 2020 & Big News

Celebrate Day Against DRM 2020 by storing all your DRM-free e-books, digital comics, RPGs, & magazine in our newly expanded Extra Storage!

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Each year, the Free Software Foundation organises the International Day Against DRM to mobilize protests, collaboration, grassroots activism, and in-person actions against DRM.

This recurring event has been organized annually since 2006, and was first introduced by the Defective by Design initiative. Various activities related to the event happen around the world, organized by anti-DRM grassroots activists and organizations. During the International Day Against DRM, there are discussions and promotions of DRM-free media and technology. Consumers are encouraged to switch to DRM-free alternatives. Companies that agree with the criticism of DRM have been known to offer discounts on products like DRM-free ebooks.

This year's annual day in protest against DRM (What's DRM?) is on December 4th, 2020. To celebrate the event, Libreture is permanently and HUGELY expanding our Extra Storage capacities!

To support readers who buy DRM-free e-books, digital comics, magazines, RPGs, and much more, your paid Extra Storage is growing to more than double the current capacity, but will stay the same excellent price!

  • For £2.99 (approx. $3.90) a month, instead of 1GB, you now get 5GB!
  • For £5.99 (approx. $7.90) a month, instead of 5GB, you now get 20GB!
  • And for £10.99 (approx. $14.00) a month, instead of 10GB, you now get 50GB!

Unlimited Storage for £15.99 (approx. $21.00) a month is staying the same, because... well, it's already an amazing deal, and you can't improve on that! wink

The Free Forever account remains at 500MB, which is good for 100's of e-books, and helps you check Libreture is right for you.

There's no better time to upload your DRM-free e-books, digital comics, magazines, RPGs, and more, to your Libreture library! Discover DRM-free Bookshops, and organise them in your Libreture library!

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Thank you for being part of Libreture! Some of you may like to reduce your monthly payments to save money, and that's absolutely fine by me. Libreture is here to help readers enjoy their e-books!

If you already pay for Extra Storage, you'll notice the maximum capacity displayed in your Library menu, and your Account page, has updated to reflect the new amounts. Have fun filling up your extra storage!



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Happy (DRM-free) Reading!



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