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Thinking of buying ebooks from independent online bookshops? Not sure what to do with them once you've bought them? The Epubizer is here to help.

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Most of our readers at Libreture are quite ebook savvy. They know what format of ebook they need to buy, they have their favourite e-bookshop, and they understand the constraints and issues with DRM. But not everyone has been around ebooks as long, or are as familiar with a reading life outside the big corporate e-bookshops.

That's why we built The Epubizer!

You're kidding me, right?

Yup, I mangled the title of an 80's crime drama for my ebook helper site.

Aw, c'mon. Who didn't love Edward Woodward as Robert McCall in The Equalizer? Fighting crime with his big coat and Jag.

The goal for The Epubizer is also to help people with problems, or when the odds are against them... but this time only when it relates to ebooks.

The Epubizer

Most e-reader owners, whether they bought it themselves or were gifted it, only buy from the manufacturer's own bookshop. People with a Kobo will usually buy from Kobo, those with a Kindle from Amazon, and a Nook from B&N. But many would love to buy ebooks from independent bookshops - they just don't know how.

Well, you're in luck! Nobody is stuck with the big monopolies. Most e-readers can open books from other bookshops. Here are some things you need to know first:

  • what type of ebook file to buy
  • about Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • and loading books on to your device.

Ebook formats

The Epubizer explains the differences between Mobi and ePub files, and which will work on different e-readers.

Anyone who buys from the device's own bookshop will never have to worry about this, but there's so much more out there from amazing DRM-free bookshops.

The Epubizer takes you through what format to buy for your particular device, to help you enjoy a great reading experience.

DRM-free. All files are provided without restrictive technologies.DRM & DRM-free

DRM is usually built-in to the buying process of Amazon, B&N and others, but is not often the case with independent bookshops.

The Epubizer explains what DRM is and what it can mean when buying books to keep. We point readers to our DRM-free Bookshop list to help get them started, but the emphasis is on educating on the issues around DRM.

Reading ebooks

Start from the beginning and keep going to the end, right? If only it were that easy.

When buying ebooks from independent shops, you usually miss out on the ability to sync the books directly with your e-reader. And that usually results in... CABLES!

Yes, plugging things in, that late-90's and early 2000's phenomenon that all the cool kids were doing. The Epubizer explains how to load your ebooks on to your particular device, with handy step-by-step guides.

Storing ebooks

Avid readers will end up with lots of files to manage.

You can just leave them on the device, an USB stick, or a popular cloud storage service. You can even forget about them and re-download them from the shop again later.

Services like Dropbox and Google Drive are great for storing your files, and even come with plenty of free space. They're easy to access from almost any device too. However, they're not designed to make the most of your ebooks.

Alternatively, you can join Libreture, and get 500MB of FREE space that's specifically designed to store and catalogue your ebooks, digtial comics, magazines, and RPGs. Your books are displayed with their beautiful covers, and can be arranged into neat lists. Never lose track of your ebooks again. There are even pay for extra storage space when you need it.


There's always more

There's so much more to digital comics and ebooks than the usual suspects of giant corporations.

Libreture's own DRM-free Bookshop list includes almost 300 shops that sell digital comics and ebooks, magazines, both fiction and non-fiction, and role-playing games. Many of these are by owned by the publishers themselves, mainly independent small businesses. Some are even author-owned, allowing the creator to sell their titles direct to fans, and in full control of the process... and the income. But all of them want you to buy some ebooks and enjoy reading them. And that's where The Epubizer comes in...

Thinking of buying ebooks from independent online bookshops?

Not sure what to do with them once you've bought them?

Do you already own an e-reader, but would prefer to buy from independent bookshops?

Got an ebook problem? Odds against you? Call…

The Epubizer

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